Hello world!

I have started a blog!


Firstly, it is my intention to use this blog to write about my interests in the fields of Biochemistry and Biophysics. I am going to be graduating from my PhD soon (in the next year anyway) and have started to think about where I would like to go for my PostDoc. In order to organize and motivate my search, I thought it would be productive to write about the papers that I read on the topics that interest me most.

Secondly, there are a lot of important and interesting scientific ideas and concepts that never seem to make it into the traditional scientific journals. I can think of several discussions that I have had with my fellow researchers that, if made more accessible, may benefit the community. In the traditional scientific media, these sorts of informal scientific notions don’t really have a place to be expressed and discussed. My hope is to provide a place here on LettsScience.

Finally, I would like to foment discussion. I am very interested in getting feedback on my posts from peers in the scientific community. I called this blog LettsScience as a pun on my name, of course, but also in an attempt to encourage discussion and inclusiveness— it isn’t “WatchMeScience”. My sincere hope is that, as time goes on and other scientists discover my blog, discussions will take place that will expand and improve the original posts. So, if you have any feedback, please leave a comment! Or, even better, if you have an idea for a post that you would like to publish on LettsScience, please feel free to contact me about it.

Who is this blog for?

Since my goal isn’t to write a popular science blog, some degree of scientific literacy is assumed. The style of the blog will be somewhat formal with strict use of referencing, but I intend for the tone to be much less formal and more accessible than that of traditional scientific articles. The ideal reader is anyone interested in cutting-edge science, anywhere from advanced high school students and undergraduates to professors and other scientific professionals.

In the beginning, I intend to write mostly about things that are closely related to what I work on. As time goes by, I hope to expand to topics with which I am less directly involved, but that I find particularly interesting. If, in the future, other scientists wished to contribute to the blog, it could grow to encompass many different areas of research.

3 Responses to “Hello world!”
  1. lieschjl says:

    more please….

  2. ODB says:

    Great idea & all the best in your PhD & blogging endeavours.

    Any chance of a post on hyperpolarisation activated channels & voltage-dependent gating similarities/differences to their more commonly studied depolarisation activated ion channel counterparts?

    Several labs have addressed this unusual gating dependence (e.g Larsson, Siegelbaum, Latorre, Jan labs) & would be interested to hear your thoughts on this.


    • lettsscience says:

      Thanks for the comments and well wishing.

      Hyperpolarization activated channels are really fascinating and I would like to learn more about them. I don’t have a blog planed yet but I agree that it would be a very interesting topic. Thanks for the suggestion.


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