The Mechanism of Voltage Gating in Potassium Channels? – Part 1 Deactivation

In this two part post I will discuss the recent Science paper (April 13th issue) from the D.E. Shaw Research group, entitled “The Mechanism of Voltage Gating in Potassium Channels.” In this paper Jensen et al. use their custom designed supercomputer Anton (named after Anton von Leeuwenhoek, the 18th century microscopist) to perform molecular dynamics … Continue reading

Hv Physiology: Human Male Fertility

The human voltage-gated proton channel Hv1 plays an important physiological role in male fertility in humans. Specifically it is integral for regulation of the internal pH of the sperm cell. The pH of the sperm cytoplasm is a major regulator of sperm cell motility, capacitation, hyperctivation and the acrosome reaction. Each of these processes are … Continue reading

I work on Hv

I am currently working on the human voltage-gated proton channel Hv1. My main goal is to solve the structure of this protein by any means necessary. The first approach has been to try and get crystals of the protein to use in diffraction experiments. This has proven to be extremely difficult! Let me just say … Continue reading

Hello world!

I have started a blog! Why? Firstly, it is my intention to use this blog to write about my interests in the fields of Biochemistry and Biophysics. I am going to be graduating from my PhD soon (in the next year anyway) and have started to think about where I would like to go for … Continue reading